My Creativity
Workshops ans Groups

I am a therapist inspired and energised by the connections between wellbeing and creativity, whether it is the sheer joy of making, the deep satisfaction of creative expression, or the transformational possibilities of the imagination.

For as long as I can remember, writing, making, drawing and painting have not only brought me great pleasure but have been ways to take care of myself, and this has grown into ongoing learning about how and why creativity can increase our wellbeing, and about its place within therapy. 

​I believe we're all creative, and that creativity takes countless forms, not just art and poetry, but any way in which we express our unique selves. We naturally use metaphors and symbols to say the unsayable and we use our imaginations to become aware of possibility. I’m especially interested in therapeutic writing, and how we can use writing for self-discovery.

Skytree is where I bring together the strands of my work as they continue to develop and merge. The name ‘Skytree’ is a reflection of the balance between form and space. The image of tree-shapes and sky-spaces defining each other reminds me that the space around things is just as important as what it surrounds; often more important, and that spaces are rarely empty. This informs everything I do; therapy, workshops, and my own practices.

I am influenced by ancient wisdom and cutting-edge approaches. I believe that we naturally know how to live well, and feel well, and do well, but also sometimes need guidance to put us back in touch with this knowing.  I am grateful to my own teachers and mentors as I continue to learn and share what I can as I go. I hope you will find something here to help or inspire you.


Hazel Mutch