Creative Contact

A one-to-one therapeutic conversation

using creative, reflective, and expressive writing (online)


What is it?

In Creative Contact you and I enter into a written dialogue. I provide you with writing invitations designed to help you gently explore aspects of your life, including those which are challenging. You are guided in how to use writing freely and creatively for discovery, expression, and release. 

I encourage you to share whatever you feel comfortable sharing with me so I can respond with observations, support, and suggestions for further exploration.  I respond to what I see of you through your writing; there is no focus on the style or quality of the writing. I am interested only in you, and what you are showing me through your words.

This dialogue is carried out over email, meaning you can engage at whatever time suits you, and from your choice of location. There is no commitment to a particular timescale and you can work at your own pace.

Alongside writing suggestions, I may offer texts, poems, and images which may provide inspiration and comfort in themselves.


How does it work?

Writing has been proven to be a highly effective tool for increasing wellbeing through self-expression and self-discovery.  Finding the words which chime with your experience can bring a sense of satisfaction and ease. Giving voice to thoughts and feelings which are usually silenced can feel empowering, and giving form to suppressed thoughts and feelings can bring great relief. As Mark Nepo says, “What is not expressed is depressed”. Working with imagery can be powerful and transformative.

Writing can help you to go inside and make contact with parts of yourself which might otherwise be difficult to reach. It can also be a tool for looking outwards beyond yourself to feel more in contact with the world. A balance of both is good for our wellbeing.

Having a companion as you reflect on your experiences and aspects of yourself, through your writing, can help you to gain deeper insights and new perspectives.


Is it for me? 

Creative Contact is for anyone wishing to explore their experiences through the written word.  You may feel more comfortable expressing yourself in written forms than verbally, or you may find that metaphor helps you to explore and express yourself more effectively. You may already use a journal, or find consolation in poetry, but you do not need any previous experience of writing or of reading literature to enjoy and benefit from Creative Contact.  I will guide you through the process and you can choose what works for you and what doesn’t.


What does it cost?

A set of opening questions and writing invitations are provided free.  When you reply with your responses, I will spend time with what you have shared. I will then send a personal response to you, along with further material and writing suggestions based on your previous communication. Each of these exchanges between us costs £40.

I can offer one such exchange each week, but there is no obligation to share responses every week.  You can work your own pace and may wish to take more time with your writing.  

The fees can be paid by BACS after each exchange.

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